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There are alternatives.

For those who want to be more in control of what happens to their own body after death, or would like to explore ways to care for a loved one’s body after death, there are options other than the standard funeral practices of our day. If you or a loved one long for a simple burial or would like to have after-death care centered on family and community, and have a desire to talk about and plan for these and other Last Things: Alternatives at the End of Life, our website offers an invaluable resource of information. Most of the links you will find throughout the site relate to Maine residents; where possible you might also find links to the same information for other states.

Did you know?

You and your family can save a considerable amount of money by pre-planning your funeral, taking care and writing the arrangements, and having a conversation with the whole family to insure all agree with your wishes. Some alternative options to discuss include: using a green cemetery, alkaline hydrolysis instead of flame cremation, body donation, using a direct cremation service, and making the coffin yourself.

  • It IS legal to care for your own dead in your home.

  • It IS legal to bury a family member’s body on your own land.

  • You do NOT have to buy a casket from the funeral home that serves you.

  • How much you spend on a funeral is NOT an indication of how much you care.

  • The best way to pay for a funeral may NOT be through a pre-payment plan.

  • There are few limits on what you can do with ashes, and there are some wild possibilities. Basically, be discreet and respectful.

  • A vault or grave liner is NOT required by law.

  • You do NOT have to be embalmed.

  • Embalming is NOT necessary to protect the public health.

  • Metal caskets with sealed gaskets do NOT keep the body from decomposing.

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Dying with Dignity 
an article by Klara Tammany

When Klara Tammany’s father died, she and her mother both were so unsatisfied with the experience of dealing with a funeral director that Klara vowed that she would take care of her mother when she died.  This is the story of the experience.

natural after-death care
A 25-minute video by Julie Lanoie

Julie Lanoie RN,MA is a volunteer educator and founding member of the NH Funeral Resources, Education and Advocacy, a non profit group that helps families and communities make informed decisions about after death care.